What are Dr. Mysko's patients saying about her?

Testemonial 1
I am a 47 year old woman. I am also pre-menopausal. There is nothing unusual about that. Except for the fact that I feel like the same woman I was 20 years ago!

However a little over a year ago I was plagued by a multitude of symptoms and frustrated with the medical Doctors lack of interest and inability to acknowledge that my symptoms even existed. There response was to wait until my menstrual cycle stopped for a year and then I could begin hormone replacement therapy. Until then I would have to “live with it.”

I had many of the more common symptoms of a hormone imbalance such as irregular cycles, fluid retention, weight gain, forgetfulness, and insomnia. In fact I rarely got a full night sleep. On top of these I also was having heart palpitations, bouts of dizziness, panic attacks and major anxiety issues. None of which the medical profession could find any reason for. 

Finally I decided to try a different approach. I saw an advertisement for Enhanced Life and made an appointment. That was when my life made a complete turn around. After the first treatment I felt like a completely different person! So relaxed, and focused. That night for the first time in years I slept through the whole night, woke up rested and feeling energized. 

My symptoms have basically disappeared during the time I’ve been going for treatments. I can’t say enough about the positive experience I have had with acupuncture and TCM. It’s great to be able to feel like myself again!
Den L.N.

Testimonial 2
My three year old daughter had a very bad allergy to laundry detergent, with Tide being the worst.  If she were to come into contact with clothing washed in Tide, she would immediately break out into raised hives that would last weeks, often blistering and becoming infected. With her only option being constant allergy medications, I took her to Staci. After two treatments, involving no direct contact with Tide or other laundry detergents, my daughter no longer has any reactions when she comes into contact with laundry detergents, even Tide. The treatment was easy and painless for my daughter to do and she loved her visits with Staci. Thanks so much.
Barbara Quiring

Testimonial 3
Wow oh Wow. What a awesome feeling of NO PAIN while breathing, eating.  Relaxing, sleeping, walking and working-constant lifting. I was very much a SKEPTIC about ACUPUNCTURE. 

Brief history of my history.  I played softball for many years--aggressive and competitive. Along with ball came multiple injuries---over and over.  About 5 years ago I gotten a right shoulder injury that went all the way up to the base of my neck. Instead of doing the right thing and resting, I did the opposite and seen R.M.T..'S that would work on it. They taped the injury to restrain full right arm movement in order to play. This carried on for about 4 years.  In the mean time I had fallen off a ladder onto to my left shoulder.  R.M.T'S to the rescue. Again.  Lol. Pain was so severe at times, I needed to find a another option. About 6 months ago my wife underwent Acupuncture treatments for a lower leg/ankle Injury at a another speciality(acupuncture/physio) clinic.  What a difference this made to her, I decided to try it-very much a skeptic involving "needles". 

I approached my Doctor about 4 months ago and he highly  recommended --Staci Mysko.  So,  When I made the appointment , Staci was booking 4 weeks later. I took what I could get. 

I was really apprehensive about the appointment with all the questions as I had lots. Staci had lots for me. She inform me that I was a mess and could be fixed. Staci told me let the needles do the work and take time to HEAL.  

After my 1st appointment the pain had all but disappeared, by the 2nd appointment their was no more pain---I could not believe it.  3rd appointment my left shoulder/arm was starting to feel normal. Their was still muscle spasms happening--another appointment and they were gone. My right arm was getting better also. ( Do not forget I was a mess)

My last appointment, I was on my left side with the right side front/back and neck. I could feel the muscles and nerves moving and  tingling back and forth---talking. Totally awesome and very rewarding. What acupuncture has allowed me to enjoy my LIFE-PAIN FREE in a very short time of treatments. I now look forward to my next appointment and onward. Eventually my legs and knees will be tackled--worked on concrete floors all my life--now is the time to reward them 

OH OH what a feeling of being pain free. 
Darcy Viglas--not a skeptic anymore