Registered Acupuncturist

Why see a Registered Acupuncturist?

What makes a Registered Acupuncturist different then someone who is focus trained?

Are all Doctors, Physio-therapists and Chiropractors who do acupuncture actual Acupuncturists or what makes a Registered Acupuncturist better to see?

A Registered  Acupuncturist has graduated from a College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has successfully passed an intense and comprehensive government examination.  In the program, acupuncture is the main focus, but it also includes herbology, moxibustion, cupping, etc.

Only someone who has completed the above is allowed to be called a Registered Acupuncturist. 

A Registered Acupuncturist will ask you MANY questions and look at your tongue and take your pulse.   They will then use this information to determine the best course of action.

Persons who come from Chiropractic, Massage, or other modalities, have taken courses on acupuncture and use it as an adjunct to their treatments.  The training varies from weeks to months of training in acupuncture and is used more in the realm of pain reduction.

Often times when you see your Registered Acupuncturist it may be covered by your extended health care or insurance provider.