Allergies are greatly misunderstood. They can manifest as many different kinds of symptoms and are often not diagnosed.

For many, allergies are an all consuming misery they put up with seasonally or year round. Allergies lead to depleted energy, poor health and a lowered standard of living. Some people feel like prisoners in their own homes and are unable to enjoy any outdoor or nature activities. Others feel like they are unable to eat anything without causing immediate body dysfunctions.

As a result of this ongoing health problem, according to an American industry statistic, it is estimated to have cost $150 billion dollars per year in absenteeism, company medical expenses and decreased productivity. There are no exact numbers for Canada, but they will be comparable. 

The root causes of many of today's diseases are due to allergies to food and environmental intolerances. Countless hours of research and development lead to the belief that all allergies are a result of energy disturbances within the body. Energy is vital to life and health. 

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Allergies are a result of the body not being in a state of homeostasis.  One method according to the WHO (World Health Organization,) is using acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine..  The second method to achieve homeostasis is Food and Environmental Intolerance Testing and BIE.